Gary Spraggins, newly elected mayor of Sulphur Springs.


"Getting to Know the New
Mayor of Sulphur Springs"


by: Bobby McDonald

Most everyone in Sulphur Springs knows Gary Spraggins, but we thought it would be interesting to visit with the newly elected mayor and share with you some of his visions about Sulphur Springs, as he has recently taken office.

Gary and his wife, Deanna, moved to Sulphur Springs in December of 1990, when he became associated with Dairyland Automation, the company he now operates at 201 Houston Street. However, Gary was born in Tyler, Texas, and was reared in Jacksonville, Texas, until his freshman year in high school, when the family moved to Ft. Worth. Gary graduated from Carter Riverside High School in 1972.

Gary admits that it took him a series of life experiences before he and Deanna, finally decided to make Sulphur Springs, their home. "But, that gives me a variety of living in numerous places and hopefully bringing some of that experience to Sulphur Springs," denotes Gary. "Deanna and I have been married for 35 years and are the parents of three sons, with three grandchildren and another one on the way!"

Gary first began a career working for a welding supply company, and remained there until 1982, when he and Deanna moved to Brownwood. Gary entered Howard Payne University, receiving a degree in bible, and immediately was hired as a pastor of a Baptist Church, in Brady. They remained there for 5 years, before he accepted a job in Floresville, Texas, where he used his construction experience to build Promiseland Dairy Farm, outside of San Antonio, Texas. "We enjoyed our time near San Antonio, but were looking for something more permanent, and chose Sulphur Springs, when I became associated with John Willis, who was in the dairy equipment business," relates Gary. "John and I decided on working together and the rest is history!"


Newly elected mayor of Sulphur Springs, is Gary Spraggins, who along
with his family, owns Dairyland Automation, located on Houston Street.


Gary now works with his son, Benjamin, in Dairyland Automation, as they have expanded the business to include services to more than just dairy farms. "We've sold equipment to grass farmers, youth camps, and a variety of other uses, as far away as California and Washington state," states Gary. "With the internet and being able to install equipment, we've expanded way past our Houston Street location!"



Gary had served on the Sulphur Springs Planning and Zoning Board for six years and enjoyed his experience so much, that he decided to run for City Council, in the spring of 2007. Once elected, he become more and more involved in his duties and accepted the position as mayor, when asked.

"I feel our Downtown Revitalization Plan and the Capital Improvements Program are the two biggest projects that the city has in progress now," states Spraggins. "We have a busy, busy schedule of getting the Revitalization Plan

completed by 2013. It's a very aggressive schedule. Then, we continue with our Capital Improvements Program and have plans for Houston Street and Connally Street to be completed by 2010!"

"I'm proud to say that we have a very dedicated city staff that works tirelessly to get the projects completed on schedule," continued Spraggins. "I'm highly supportive of our city staff and all the things they do to make Sulphur Springs a great place to live!"

"We're very, very fortunate in Sulphur Springs to continue to do well economically, when many, many other places across the nation are envious," stated Gary. "Our economy here is suffering from the downturn in the dairy industry, but we're still doing well in the manufacturing sector and there are signs of a rebound in the real estate sales in the area!"

"I enjoy serving on the Sulphur Springs City Council and look forward to working with the residents of Sulphur Springs in continuing to make this a wonderful place to live and raise a family!" declared Spraggins.

Gary and his wife, Deanna, are the parents of sons, Brant (31), Benjamin (29), and Gary Jr. (28). The entire family enjoys baseball and attending games every chance they get. Then, both Deanna and Gary are involved in the Northeast Texas Choral Society, where they are active members.

"I'm available to discuss the future of Sulphur Springs and welcome the comments of all of her citizens, in the direction that our community needs to follow," expressed Gary. "I intend to continue my 'open door' policy and work for the betterment of Sulphur Springs!"