Erwin Cain is the new Hopkins County Repbulican
Party Chairman.


"Changing of the Guard"
For Hopkins County Republican Party


Press Release from Party


The Executive Committee of the Hopkins County Republican Party elected Erwin Cain as the local party's new Chairman Thursday evening, February 26th, during its regular monthly meeting at the Ag Building in Sulphur Springs' Buford Park. The committee and other local party members listened appreciatively as outgoing chairman Chris Brown spoke briefly about his three years as chairman then elected Cain by acclamation. Cain, an attorney who lives at Como, was a candidate for 62nd District Judge in last fall's election. He carried Delta, Hopkins, and Rains Counties but lost the race due to a larger margin in Lamar County, the home of his opponent, incumbent Judge Scott McDowell.

Erwin Cain, in his acceptance of the chairmanship, praised the work done by Brown, saying that Brown succeeded in reorganizing the local party and preparing it for great success in the future. He went on to say that support for the Republican platform and for Republican candidates is growing throughout this region of Texas because people are realizing that true conservative values have always been the bed-rock foundation of this state and nation and are the bulwark against bigger and more meddling government. Cain emphasized the importance of lower taxes, more opportunity, greater personal liberty and responsibility, and a return to the conservative social, fiscal, domestic and foreign policies that have made Americans’ freedoms the envy of the world.


Mr. Cain invites anyone who desires to be active in promoting these core values to contact him at or visit the party website at