"Travel Northeast Texas....."



Search the coves where pirates once "stowed-away," watch an aligator sunning on a log, and travel the bayou where a lost fortune in gold was dumped. Or, perhaps you want to see the sights of where "Walker Texas Ranger" has been filmed, or make a bend around some moss draped trees and see the familiar sight of a Burt Reynolds movie. All of these sights and many, many more await you just a two hour drive from Sulphur Springs and Hopkins County. The destination is Uncertain, Texas, population 150!



Caddo Lake is a unique body of water located near where Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas find their borders, and is located about 1/2 in Texas and 1/2 in Louisiana. First time visitors often "gasp" at their first view of the lake, with its large and ancient Cypress trees and Spanish Moss draped gracefully about them. It is an environmental paradise that is hauntingly beautiful.

Movie and t.v. enthusiasts will recognize this dockside scene as one on a recent filming expedition of the
popular "Walker Texas Ranger" series. Watch for it in an upcoming episode. And, it's all at Uncertain,

The over 26, 800 acre Caddo Lake is one large lake divided into many lakes varying in sizes, shapes, and depths. And, much of the lake area is very shallow and can only be navigated in a "skiff" that glides along the surface of the water. Go to the store in Uncertain and book your tour for only $15.00 per person for a one and one-half hour tour. You're sure to get your money's worth of scenic beauty and historical lore. Or, if you want to travel in a grand style, look into The Steamboat On Caddo Lake. This historic steamboat takes guided tours along the channels that once was the navigation system to East Texas and the port of Jefferson. Many of our ancestors came to East Texas via this route, and landed in Jefferson, before making their way to Hopkins County.

Captain Joe........Make your reservations at the store in Uncertain and he will take you on a one and
one-half hour "cruise" of Caddo Lake that highlights the historic and environmental beauty of the lake.

Big Cypress River is the major tributary of Caddo Lake and was the navicable route of the paddlewheel steamers that carried our ancestors to the port of Jefferson. The Little Cypress River joins with the Big Cypress below Jefferson.

Nestled in the coves of Caddo Lake are numerous "hide-outs" that served as camps for ridge-runners,
pirates, and lawless individuals that sought the refuge of the "no-man's land" during prohibition.

The first inhabitants of the Caddo Lake Region were the Caddo Indians and they called the area "Tso'to," meaning sparkling water thrown up against the drift!" And, Caddo Lake is the largest natural lake of fresh water in the state of Texas.......a body of interlocking waterways of channels, lakes, ponds, and oxbows, surrounding islands of Bald Cypress Trees.




A natural wildlife habitat, Caddo Lake's beauty is undescribable. Ancient Cypress Trees draped with Spanish
moss, blooming water lilies, and something exciting to see around every bend.


History abounds at Caddo Lake. From the Indians who lived near the water's edge or on isolated islands, to the early French and Spanish explorers that mapped Texas and declared her for their own, the region has witnessed the making of our state, while serving as a primative and isolated environment for water fowl and other species of wildlife.

One of the major channels in Caddo Lake that allows travel from Mooringsport, Louisiana, to Jefferson,
Texas, by boat. The beauty of the trip is beyond compare and a pleasant ride in the shade of the giant
mossed draped Cypress.

Dock at the many sights along the shores of Caddo Lake, or take advantage of the lodging facilities and
tours available to stay longer.



While visiting Uncertain, Texas, there are a number of lodges for overnight stays, including Hodge Podge Cottages (903)789-3901, Moonglow Lodge (903)789-3940,
Crip's Camp (903)789-3233, and Uncertain Inn Lakeside & Lodge (903)789-3292.

Twilight on Caddo Lake......a perfect ending to an enjoyable day of
discovery and fun!

For more information about Uncertain, Texas, go to their website at www.uncertain-tx.com or call: (903)789-3901.

If you're "uncertain" about something to do next weekend, go to Uncertain, Texas, and discover an enchanted world!